Sunday, March 6, 2011

Animals at Church?

Today was my day to help out in Kinderchapel.

My snack was a big hit, but it took a long time to eat. It was a riff on the loaves and fishes lesson I read to the kids today. I cut out ponds for all the kids and put goldfish on them. I gave them pretzel (loaf fishing poles) and yogurt to dip their pole in and catch the fish.

When we left church we found wallabies hopping around the church grounds.

As an ordination gift for Susan and Cindy one parishioner gave them a visit from an animal show.

They brought tons of animals for the kids to touch, feel, and carry!

Rev. Susan became attached to this wallaby!

Libi was called up to hold an animal. You can see how excited she was in that she was completely hididng behind the tall kids.

The teacher made her feel so much more comfortable before he sent her off with...

a frog!!!

He was a darling little frog who didn't even look real.

Libs took him to meet other animals...

and she showed him to Rev. Lynn too!

Isn't he cute???

Libi took her job VERY seriously!! She showed every single person in the courtyard her frog and encouraged them to touch him.

She also tried to hold a giant toad (frog? I'm not sure!)

She was kissed by a lizard!

Mommy got to see one of her favorite animals-- a hedgehog.

All the kids gathered around a giant lizard...

and chased the wallabies.

I just love our church and all the fun things we get to do there :)

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