Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CADA Day 1 / Sea World

Breakfast in the hotel room is always fun! I brought a few granola bars and things-- but they paled in comparison to the fresh fruit and chocolate covered strawberries we found in our room.

Mommy even enjoyed some-- the breakfast of champions!

Our first stop was Sea World while Ron set to work back at the hotel.

We actually had a cute photo taken of us at the entry-- thank you Sea World photographers.

The first friend we found was a sea otter...

my favorite animal in the whole world!!!

Libi modeled her darling new outfit while we waited for the park to open up. It was a little large for her, but the whale applique and the pockets in the skirt made it a winner for her!

We paid $12 for Libi and I to feed the dolphins.

Once we got in, she totally got cold feet (which also happened last time we were here)...

perhaps it is this view of the dolphins that freaked her out???? None-the-less Mommy enjoyed feeding slimy, stinky fish to the dolphin :)

What she did LOVE was touching the sea stars!!!

At first the cold water startled her...

but then she felt the little guys...


and over...

and over!!! We must have spent nearly 15 minutes in the tide pool area just picking up sea stars, putting them down, and giggling with delight!

In the aquarium area we found Nemo, Crush, jellyfish, an octopus, and lots of other cool creatures.

We had to make a stop at Libi's favorite-- the mingos!

After a quick conversation with the seals and sea lions...

we headed off to Shamu stadium.

Libi devoured our popcorn snack... she is a popcorn fiend just like both her grandfathers!

The show was very interesting-- it focused more on the training, care and feeding of the animals than actual tricks.

We had amazing seats...

and we did get to see some tricks as well!

On our way to the Sesame Street area we found Polly Penguin and Libi had to have a picture. Aren't they cute together?

When we got into the Bay of Play Libi exclaimed, "My life is happy now!" It doesn't take much :)

We didn't do any rides, but she did do the bounce and music areas.

We moved away from the fish and headed towards the animals-- our first stop was the penguin house. We always spend a lot of time here watching the little guys waddle around.

In the Wild Arctic area the animals were really active. A polar bear walked right past Libi as she sat at the window...

and the walrus swam around (man is he big!!!)

Our final stop of the day was to see the Sesame characters who weren't out when we visited Bay of Play.

Libi is still excited to see Elmo and Zoey-- I'm not sure how much longer it will last, but I will enjoy every second of it :)

We ran back to the hotel to have lunch with Daddy in the hotel cafe.

Libi drew this portrait of Daddy standing next to my punk giraffe. I think it looks just like him :)

In the evening there was a reception for all the CADA folks in the courtyard at the hotel. Our room looked out into this area so Libi got to take full advantage of the DJ!! She (and I) danced the evening away looking over the party. It was fun to yell down to our friends as they walked by and to be able to attend the party without needing to find a sitter!

Daddy was able to escape for dinner with us. We headed to the Cheesecake Factory which is in the mall behind the hotel.

It was nice to just sit around and spend time together.

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