Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Mr. Leprechaun visited our home last night! He left kisses all over Libi, her room and her bathroom AND he left some gifts and breakfast!!

She was so excited that he got a St. Patrick's dress for Disneyland! He has super good taste!

For breakfast he left green bagels and cream cheese with some green milk! He did a much lighter green milk this year than last year-- he is learning!

At school everyone was in the holiday spirit!

The leprechaun even ran around campus leaving some gold and his little hat behind!

Libi made the cutest pot of gold in school today-- I just had to share it!

Our next adventure was getting hair cuts with Cassie.

Even though Libi is determined to have her hair as long as Rapunzel she did consent to a trip to clean it up and make it pretty.

We then ran over to Mc Donald's to see if our friends were still there from school... and lo and behold they were. We spent the next half hour playing in the play place...

and enjoying Shamrock Shakes!!! Minty goodness!!!

Mommy even tried one herself!

After nap we took Libi over to Grammy and Grampy's house. Sadly Ron and I had to skip the annual corned beef and cabbage dinner, but we didn't want Libi to miss out. She stayed with the family while we ran to Valencia High School to see a show by Ron's former students.

We went to Kabuki for a quick dinner-- nothing says St. Patrick's Day like teriyaki chicken and tempura veggies??? Am I right???

The show "Mad World" was an amazing musical about the life of Lewis Carrol written by these two 17 year old boys-- Stephen and Christian. Ron had Stephen and his brother Jon in 8th grade and he took both these boys with him on the East Coast trip. We expect great things in the future for both these young men and can't wait to say, "We knew them when!"

While we were at the show Libi was hanging out with the family and Gizmo.

From the photos it looks like they had a really fun time...

and the dinner looked amazing! I loved corned beef and am really sorry that we missed it, after my last corned beef cooking disaster I won't be making it again any time soon so I will have to wait until next year to enjoy it!

Beard Watch 2011-- Even with all that facial hair, I have a good looking husband ;)

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