Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting out of Dodge...

While it was a melancholy day for Ron and I-- life had to go on. Libi went to school again today to see another community helper.

A grandma named Sachi came to play her ukulele for the kids.

They all sat in rapt attention as she told them all about her instrument.

Libi was especially excited since she plays her ukulele with Pop almost every Wednesday.

She did several songs that the kids knew so they were able to sing along!

She gave each of them a chance to strum with her. So fun!!!

A group photo is a must!! At least if Heather is around taking pictures :)

Poor Libi has trouble wearing jeans-- the just slide right off her bum! The teachers told me she had been flashing her tush all day. Whoops!

She did look cute (when they were in place!) She also picked "flowers" (aka weeds) to give to all the moms who came to pick up their kids.

As soon as Ron got home from school and packed and we ate dinner we drove down to San Diego. We had the most perfect room on the second floor with two beds, a balcony, and lots of room to play.

CADA events are always full of surprises and this lovely surprise was waiting for us when we arrived. 3 welcome baskets with fruit/crackers, cookies, and tuxedo strawberries. YUM!!!

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