Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hopefully God will understand...

but I skipped church this morning!!! Between the time change and my parents being in town for such a short amount of time, I just didn't want to miss several hours of their visit.

We had a leisurely breakfast at Eggs N Things..

before a photo shoot and a quick goodbye. Libi is going to spend Spring Break in Stockton with my folks and I know they are all looking forward to some real quality time together!

Post breakfast we headed to Solea's 4th Birthday Party at My Gym.

Libi went first to the trampoline! Boy if we had one of these at home I'd be guaranteed a long nap every day!

Libi went rolling...

then she tried to get Daddy to roll too...

he found it was easier to put her in the roll than it was for him to roll!

The girls at the party were such good listeners!

The did exercises,

went on the zip line, and played lots of games!

We put Libs on the balance beam to see if she could do it...

both she and Dad did well :)

Since the Moms never get in a photo we did a photo of all the SCLP Moms in attendance! Love these girls!

The best thing about My Gym is that they do a group shot at every party!!!

Libi tried her hand at "surfing"-- she hung on for quite a while before she wiped out!

It was a fun afternoon for all of us!

Post nap Libi got to play with all of her swag from the party.

When the actual jump roping became too challenging she made up her own game with Daddy-- very resourceful!

In the evening we found Libi dancing around...

she could watch her reflection in the sliding glass door all night!

Beard Watch 2011: My mountain man :)

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