Monday, November 9, 2009

End of Dance Class

Today we said farewell to all of our dance class buddies.

I kept explaining to Libi that this was her last class so she could say goodbye to everyone, but I don't think she really understood.

Libi still marches to the beat of her own drummer in class. Notice how everyone else is in the circle, but Libs is doing bends on her own.

Again she's out of the circle, facing the mirror-- but the funnier story is that the girls were doing a totally different move until Miss Cheryl Ann saw Libi doing this, then she asked the girls to copy Miss Libs.

When it came time for practicing the song for their Winter show Libi went right to the front to show everyone else how it was done. Miss Cheryl Ann asked Libi if she wanted to be a teacher one day and she said, "Yes!" I guess she is surrounded by teachers so it was inevitable for her to went to try it too.

Our final train-- I will miss watching this one. Today all of the girls got into position and went around the room without any help from their teacher. All the Moms were very impressed.

I will truly miss Cheryl Ann's patience and passion for dance. She was such a kind teacher who truly cared about her kids. I hope that if we return to the studio that she can be our teacher again.

One final go in her tap shoes.

It's time for one last gigantic stamp that takes up her entire arm and takes all week to wash off...

then bubbles!!!!

I didn't miss this final chance to get some shots in the room of Libs dancing. I love this one becuase it looks like her arms and legs are in perfect sync as she tap dances across the floor.

Thanks again Miss Cheryl Ann for encouraging our little dancer!

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