Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dolly turns 40 and another Dolly spends the night with her Grandparents

Tonight we were lucky enough to celebrate the Birthday of a dear friend of our family, Dolly!

She invited our family, the Strassner's and the Maxwell's. To help entertain the kids she had a bouncy-- which they all enjoyed!

Everyone also got a glow necklace-- super fun!

The only problem with our very active girl, was that she was in and out of the bouncy a ton so we had to keep putting her shoes off and on.

They have a really awesome slide in their front yard.

Poor Libs, she got to the front of the line, took one look down the slide, and refused to do it!

She was much happier in the playhouse!

The cat was very interesting to her.

Finally Libs talked Daddy into taking her on the slide.

It took a little doing to get her on his lap because she was clinging so tightly to him...

but once they were ready...

they had a blast!!!

Look at those happy faces!

After playtime, it was time to DANCE!!!

The DJ played some really fun tunes for Libs to boogie down to!

Look at that hand-work!

All of the kids were thrilled to sing to Dolly...

to wish her a "Happy Birthday!"

In lieu of cake, Libi enjoyed some of my home-baked cookies.


Time for a family pose....

then a couple one.

Finally a squishy portrait!!!

Lucas was sweet enough to pose with his littlest fan.

When it came time to turn the lights down and dance, Libi impressed the entire room with her skill!

She twirled, and shuffled, and curtsied for every song!

Happy, happy 40th Dolly! We love you!

After the party Libs headed over to Grammy and Grampy's house for a sleep-over. What a big night for a little girl!

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