Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today was Friendship Day at MOPS. We had an amazing turnout of new and alumni Moms!

Debbie, who was one of my MOPS sisters for the past 2 years and graduated last year, returned as my friend for the day. It was nice to catch up with her, not just running past each other at Pioneer Club!

Libs had another great day at school.

She even played in the dirt with her friends for a moment before the teacher caught them and asked them to stop.

Since this was a shorter post I will include a list of funny things that Libs has said and done lately. Hope you enjoy!

-Libi was asked by the dance studio receptionist how she was today and she replied, "I am pretty!" No self-esteem issues here.

-A conversation between Libs and I:

L-- I want milk

H-- Me too

L-- Me three

H-- Me four

and on we went with Libi giggling the whole time!

-Sometimes Libi sleeps in her Yukon T-shirt which is a smaller version of the one that Ron wears for his team activities at school. The one he had made for Libi is much too large to be worn as anything other than a dress right now. After Ron put it on her for bed she looked at him and said, "I'm a teacher!" So cute!

-We've been watching too much Simpsons apparently because Libi was overhead saying, "I'm a doughnut" while wearing a Boppy on her head.

-Bedtime negotiations have begun: At night before we take her up to bed (or nap for that matter) she says, "I'm going to play one more minute then I'll go." Ugh!

-Our server at a restaurant asked Libi what her name was and she said, "Libi Liliana!" At least she knows her real name and her nickname.

-On a related note: this weekend we asked her what her last name was and she proudly said, "Ippolito!"

-One morning when Libi was awake as Ron was getting ready for work she asked him, "Are you getting dressed all by yourself?" I think she was impressed that I didn't help everyone put on their clothes!

-Lately my name has been "Moms!" I think this is because I often call her "Libs" so she added an "s" to my name to be fair!

-She got a few bug bites on her leg. At first when we asked her about them she said Nicholas did it-- he's the boy who bit her on the arm a few weeks ago. Once Ron explained that they were bug bites, she proudly told me that she had "Bug's Lifes on her legs."

-Finally after Dolly's party, Libi has been obsessed with conga lines. We have to do them all over the house. Often times it's just Libi and Daddy going through the house with Libi saying, "Ponga, ponga, ponga!"

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Dolly said...

I would be happy to come over and "Ponga, Ponga, Ponga" with you all anytime! =)