Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day...

Today we celebrate our family members who have served in the military. Our family thanks: Pop, Grampy, Granpa, my Grandfather, Uncle John, and Uncle Jim. And a shout out to Dustin who is currently serving bravely in the Marines as well as all the other service men and women too!

To celebrate Miss Libs donned her pumpkin princess costume (with the headband worn sideways which I really loved!) and danced around. We tried to get her to say, "Happy Veteran's Day" but it just came out like "Happy Birthday!"

We realized that we hadn't taken October wagon pictures for Jammy's book, so we corrected the error before we went to see Nana and Pop.

Hope these work Jammy!

We hadn't seen Nana and Pop in 3 weeks so we had to Trick or Treat at their house. Libi was very happy to show off her dragon skills!

Libi wore a darling patriotic attire for our visit.

She spent some time in the yard since it was such a gorgeous day.

She even picked a lovely purple flower for me.

Nana wasn't feeling well, so Libi made her some Play-doh cake.

Libs took this picture of Ron and I-- we were so happy he got to come with us due to the school holiday.

After running rings around Nana and Pop's house it was time to head home.

Despite the holiday, it was a PC night.

Tonight Ron did this fun motion activity with hoops...

the kids just LOVED it!!

First we hopped through the hoops,

then we crawled through. Darn those new pants I got Libi that practically fell off her little body!

The kids had yogurt for snack in these little squeeze tubes. I decided to "help" Libi and squeeze hers...

note the huge clump of yogurt in my hand that I wiped off of my daughter's face. I guess I wasn't such a good helper!

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Stace&Lis said...

Those yogurt tubes... I bought some at the suggestion of a friend, but her kids are older, and I wasn't thinking clearly. I've frozen a couple, so maybe that will be less messy. MAYBE.