Thursday, November 12, 2009

A very slow Thursday...

Today I hosted a coffee gathering for MOPS moms. It was a huge success! I guess we'll be doing that again soon!

In the meanwhile, a very stuffy Libi went to school.

She looked quite preppy today, if I do say so myself!

Since we were both feeling a bit under the weather this afternoon we canceled all other activities for today and tomorrow.

When Ron finally came home, he brought a new toy with him. The yearbook program just bought a new video camera. Ron had to try it out on us-- so here are some new videos!

Libi's first selection was singing "Elmo's Song."

Next was a selection from the Wiggles-- enjoy "Rock-a-bye Your Bear."

Finally, here is Libi's take on the Winnie the Pooh theme song.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

What a cutie. I love how she claps for herself at the end.