Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Workday

Libi doesn't normally attend school on Wednesdays, but they needed some help getting ready for the big fundraiser on Friday so they asked me to come in. They let Libs attend class for free while I slaved in the office :)

She loves school so it wasn't really an issue for her, but we were sad that Nana and Pop weren't feeling well enough to have lunch with us.

It was another Skipperific night!

Libs loves the songs-- even the new one that we don't know the sign language to yet.

Everyone comments on what a little personality she is during the dance portion and I have to concur.

As a pre-Birthday celebration we went to Claim Jumper for dinner.

Libs has been fascinated with paying the bill at restaurants, so tonight Ron let her pay the tip. He gave her the cash and she handed it to our server-- she thought she was really paying for dinner.

Before we left Libi wanted to say hello to the broccoli so she and Daddy walked around the salad bar and identified all of the fruits and veggies.

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