Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decking the halls...

Today we stayed in our PJ's all day long!!! We spent the whole day decorating the tree, the house, and getting things ready for our Advent celebration.

Libi was thrilled that we brought in a whole truck-load of new books for her.

Daddy isn't happy that we have 5 boxes of Christmas books that live in the garage 11 months out of the year... but Libi is thoroughly enjoying them!!

Our tree is finally done!! Libi did the bottom section, so it is HEAVILY decked out!

Tonight I brought the children in. Libi immediately insisted on a picture with them-- I'm not sure she knows the difference yet between our characters and the ones at Disneyland.

Case in point: after the picture she thanked them all and gave them each a kiss and a pat.

We are all getting very excited about Christmas!!!

Funny new game that Ron and Libi are playing:

Ron- Who is my favorite little girl in the whole wide world?

Libi- Hmmm. Mommy?

Ron- No, try again.

Libi- Tobee

Ron- No, try again.

Libi- Grampy. Jammy. Miss Tasha. an apple. etc. She goes on and on and the response from Ron is always the same: Try again!!!

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