Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Windy Wednesday...

Mommy slept much better last night-- possibly because Daddy gave her a back rub before bed. It shouldn't be the same as working, but I'm equally as tight in the neck and shoulders being a full time mom. Maybe it's lugging all of Libs stuff all over town, maybe it's the new sleeping positions so I can see her in her bassinet from bed-- I don't know but I'm really sore!

Today we went to Nana and Pop's house for Wednesday lunch. Libi was full of smiles for her great-grandparents. We put her in the grass in their backyard for the first time. She loved running her fingers through the grass and Tobee liked the fact that Libs was on her level to lick! We had a nice lunch and visit.

When we got home we ran next store to visit with Jackie and Preston. It was fun having the kids see each other-- they are getting more and more aware of one another. We got to see Preston's nursery and, of course, Foxy. It was nice chatting about her pregnancy and Preston's milestones.

Libi finally took a good nap this afternoon while I watched Ellen. Tonight we will eat a pasta dinner, watch the results show of American Idol, and go to sleep.

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