Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our day with the Phillips family...

Today Libi and I woke up a little late-- we both wanted to sleep in. We ate, dressed and headed to Rio Norte to take Daddy some things he left at home. It was a quick visit-- only long enough for Daddy to see Libs in her cute outfit. Coincidentally, today Libs began wearing her 3-6 month clothes-- she can still wear most of her 0-3 but she's getting too long for many of them.

After we left Daddy we went to spent some time with Bonnie and Jim aka Mimi and PopPop. Mimi's mom, Marge, was having an outpatient surgery done and we went to keep them company. It took longer than expected, but it was nice to spend some time with Libi's godparents.

We met Daddy at BJ's for dinner. It was fun to go out and catch up with Daddy and to eat potato skins. Tonight is American Idol and then we'll turn in early!

P.S. Our clip is now on Your L.A.! It is listed under the Nanny School-- go watch it! Libi is wearing her Gymboree red floral outfit and I'm in a brown shirt and jeans.

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