Thursday, May 24, 2007

A day of firsts....

Today Libs had a huge day! She woke up before Daddy left for school-- today for the first time she held her bottle on her own. Mommy and Daddy both got to witness this first, and it was very exciting!! She then spent some time with Jammy and some with Mommy while they got ready. We hopped on the freeway and went to see Mickey Mouse.

We got to Disneyland and Mommy had to stand in a long line to get the tickets for Daddy's Disneyland trip. Over 570 tickets later Mommy re-joined Libi and Jams inside the park for lunch. We ate at Carnation Cafe and Libi got to meet the head chef Oscar who has been there as long as Jammy can remember.

To entertain Libs while we ate Jammy let her hold a spoon. This was the first time that Libs came into contact with this implement and it fascinated her. She loved seeing her reflection in the back of the spoon and putting her mouth on it. We got some really cute photos which are on Picasa.

We then visited the Baby Center to check out the amenities. Boy do they have everything in there-- the changing room is quite impressive with very comfy changing tables and lots of Disney artwork. We loaded Libi up in the Baby Bjorn and made our way down to see Mickey in Toontown. Unfortunately on the way to the back of the park Libi fell asleep-- again we have photos for you to see.

I wanted to see the new Nemo ride so we walked towards Tomorrowland. It looks so cute!!! They even have the seagulls who say "Mine, Mine, Mine" in the middle of the lagoon. While we were on that side of the park we decided to take Miss Libs on Buzz Lightyear. She woke up just in time to ride and she really seemed to like it. Mommy showed her how to work the laser gun and our skill helped us defeat Jammy in points!!!

We then left the Disneyland side of the park and went over to DCA for Libi's first visit. Our main mission in going to that park was to see Playhouse Disney Live on Stage. Libi really enjoys the shows she watches on the Disney Channel with Mommy and Daddy on the weekends, so we figured she would like the show. Mommy and Libi sat on the floor with all of the kids while Jammy sat in the back to take pictures.

I was so impressed with my little one-- she watched everything! She danced with Bear in the Big Blue House, took a bow with JoJo, learned about animals with Stanley, and during the Winnie the Pooh segment, she found the stage lighting on the ceiling and decided to look at that for a while. She loved the music and the other kids around her. It was so fun to see her reaction.

We did a bit of shopping and then got on the freeway to go home. Over two and half hours later we arrived home with Chi Chi's for dinner. We spent the evening telling Daddy about our adventures and relaxing from a very busy day of firsts!

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