Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

HEY! The first part of the day is actually a Libi and DADDY adventure, since Mommy went off to the Autism Crop this morning. Libs and I woke up around 8:30, so it was great to sleep in. Daddy, Libi and Tobee all went downstairs, and we all had a little breakfast.

We tuned into the Disney Channel in time to watch a couple episodes of one of our favorite shows, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." We sang along with the songs, and helped Mickey on each of his missions. After that, we played a little on the Fisher-Price website where we played interactive Peek-a-Boo and an Animal Alphabet game. We sang the alphabet song three times in a row!

Libs was starting to fuss a little so we left the computer and just walked around the house for a little bit. Libs fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder, which gave Daddy some time to clean up the kitchen. After her short nap, Libi watched the E! True Hollywood Story of Lionel and Nicole Richie. Libs was interested in the Commodores, and Lionel Richie's early life, but once Nicole started getting into drugs as a teenager, we decided to go take another walk around the house.

Daddy put Libi back into the Baby Bjorn, and we swept the kitchen floor and Daddy answered a few e-mails. After a little more work on the computer, Libs fell asleep again, and Daddy carefully placed her back in the bassinet, this time so he could go through the yearbook applications for next year.

Libs only slept for about 25 minutes, but right after she woke up, Aunt Andrea came by. Andrea got to play with both Libs and Tobee until Grandma Cris got to the house about 15 minutes later, and we all went out for lunch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Don Cuco's. After lunch, Daddy and Libi brought Andrea and Grandma back to the house and we were so excited to have Mommy back home! Grandma and Andrea took Libi and Tobee outside for a walk around the neighborhood, and then left to head back down to Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito's house. OK, now here's Mommy's turn . . .

Mommy had fun at the Autism Crop with Mimi (aka Bonnie, Libi's godmother), Dobbin and Jen. It was nice to be able to crop for nearly six hours uninterrupted. I finished nearly all of Libi's style book to date, but of course the book will grow as Libi's closet grows.

When Mommy got home everyone was gone--they were all still out to lunch. When they got home Mommy showed Daddy all the pages she had done while Grandma Cris and Aunt Andrea took Libs and Tobee for a walk.

We spent some quality time together this afternoon-- Libi fell asleep on Mommy's shoulder, Mommy read People magazine and Daddy worked on the computer. When she woke up we gave her a bath and put her in Mommy's first Christmas dress which served as Libi's Cinco de Mayo dress.

Daddy made the sacrifice and returned to Don Cuco's so Mommy could have some Mexican food. It was lots of fun there with the mariachi's and all the people. On the way home, we stopped by Blockbuster to exchange some old DVD's for new ones. When we got home we watched one of our new DVD's called Borat-- it didn't last very long with Daddy and it lasted even less time with Mommy! It was not one of our favorites.

We are now all in bed and I am blogging while Daddy takes his turn to get Libi to fall asleep. I have been trying since 8:30 all to no avail. It is now quarter to 10-- perhaps Daddy will have the magic touch.

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