Wednesday, February 16, 2011


On this dreary day we had to send poor Tobee to have surgery.

The poor thing had no clue what was coming (and neither did we!)

She was so excited about being in the car...

I'm sure it lasted until she saw the animal hospital.

Tobee was scheduled for the removal of her spleen, which was supposed to make her all better. About a half hour into her operation we received a call that they discovered that she has cancer which has spread all throughout her body. They asked us if we wanted to euthanize her on the table while she was sedated. Ron and I were in shock-- we never even considered that this would happen. As we tried to wrap our heads around this Libi was getting ready for dance class-- oblivious to the tough decision we were facing.

We decided to bring Tobee home-- more for our peace of mind than anything else. We wanted some time to shower her with love, say goodbye, and enjoy every second with our first "baby!"

Ron and I both tucked away our emotions and drove Libs to dance. On the drive over we did see an amazing rainbow, which should have brought us some peace... but honestly it angered me. I'm very frustrated that I will now have lost 4 very pivotal people in my life in a year's time span. I think I skipped over most of the sadness that I felt the other three times and went straight to anger. I need for someone to explain to me why this is OK-- I don't think it's fair!!!

Lou had a wonderful time in class!

They are working on the song for the recital... First Libi was the audience for some of her colleagues...

then she got to perform.

While she was having fun Ron was calling family/friends and I was trying to keep it together in the mommy holding room.

While you can't see Libi's face in this photo, her feet tell you just how much she loves her dance class!

Daddy helped to get her into tap shoes...

then it was back for more dancing and bubbles!

In the evening Tobee's trainer Nichole came over for a visit.

She began training Tobee when she was 4 months old and has kept in touch with us ever since.

Little Tobee is lucky to have so many people who love her!

Libi is offering comic relief during this tough time...

and including Daddy in the act :)

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time with Tobee. Your family has endured alot of loss...and yes, it is not fair. God knows your heart and will comfort you at this time. Lots of love to you all.