Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daddy is home again...

Today Ron decided to stay home from work to spend more time with Tobee!

Happily for me-- he also took Libs to school and picked her up!

He also took these artistic shots of school!

Tobee and Ron have been going for a lot of little walks-- she still loves being out on her leash.

She had a pretty good day today-- not much crying, eating hamburger for lunch, spending lots of time in her favorite spots (backyard, the landing on the stairs, under the dining room table.)

Ron and I left her for a bit to go see Rock of Ages. I was so excited about this show! I have been listening to the CD for over a year and I have imagined the show a certain way, so my expectations were VERY high!

This American Idol alum was totally amazing-- the entire show was such fun! Ron even bought me a LCD lighter to hold in the air during all the love songs!!!

If anyone wants to go with me-- I'll totally go again! The show runs until the 27th-- call me :)

We had to wait until after the show to take the marquee pictures---

we were late leaving the house, got half way to the theater and realized that we forgot the tickets. Whoops!!!

It was nice to get away for a bit and have some fun!
On the way home we got a call that Tobee was laying in the backyard unresponsive. Ron drove like the wind and the car was silent. When we got home we found Cris's car (she was babysitting Libs), Ron's motorcycle, and Andrea's car and our anxiety grew!! We rushed in and Ron headed straight to the yard. I waited for him to return with bad news.... but we heard Tobee's collar clang and the mood in the room instantly lifted!! Tobee was just relaxing in the yard, but when Ron offered to take her for a walk she stood up and trotted inside. We are just enjoying the time we have with Tobee and trying to be zen about what the future holds.

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