Friday, February 25, 2011

4 year old check up

The calm before the....

snow??? Yes it's supposed to snow in the good 'ole SCV tonight!! This morning the clouds were rolling in and by the afternoon it was miserable!! Cold, windy, and wet!!!

Libi went for her 4 year check up (only a month late!) The hearing test posed a few challenges as the nurse didn't really explain it well. After a few frustrating moments when Mommy stepped in and explained the process, she flew through it. Saying "Left" or "Right" instead of holding up her hands for each ear-- very advanced :)

She was so excited to see Doctor!!!

Until she realized that she was getting 4 inoculations.

Dr. gave them to her quickly and then he hugged it out with her while she cried and made it all better.

We simply love our doctor!!!! He is the BEST!

Since I felt badly about her having to suffer through 4 shots the rest of the day was up to her! We had cocoa, watched a movie, played with Disney Barbies...

and then Libi began work on her first scrapbook. I have been nervous to begin this process with her since I'm not a fan of CF pages (if you don't know what this means I will tell you in person-- it's not a nice phrase so I won't put it on the blog!) I want her to express herself, but I also want it to look presentable AND I don't want to be looking over her shoulder every moment.

Today she selected the papers she wanted to use and pulled the photos out of the broken album. I cut the paper to the correct size and gave her a few tips:

1. You can use scissors, paper, glue sticks, markers, and her stickers (she has a whole bin on her table)

2. If you want to you can cut the photos or you can leave them as they are.

3. You cannot make it larger than the pages I cut-- it won't fit in the page protectors if you do.

Then I turned around and went back to the projects I was working on [after I took a few photos of her in the process!]

A few minutes later I heard a very happy girl calling for my attention. And here is her first completed page! I love the simplicity of it! I love that it includes her name, that it's in balance and it has just the right amount of embellishment on it! Great job baby!!! I can see lots of cropping together in our future :)


jammy said...

Great job, Libi!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Smart, crafty, cute, sweet...she's perfect!!
Also, loved your President's day idea of asking what each person would do if they were President. I think if I was President I would want to be President of Disney...wink, wink!

Cath said...

Fun post, Heather! I loved getting to know you and your cute daughter better today. I love that you are introducing her to scrapbooking at such a young age. What a great way to spend time together! :)