Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The longest Wednesday EVER!!!!

Today we were all over Southern California.

The morning began at ballet class.

Libi was thrilled to be chosen to dance with her teacher...

and then she got to dance with Elyz-- it was a win, win.

Libi is getting the hang of tapping backwards and on her tip toes.

Next we hopped in the car and headed to Disneyland. Pop had a meeting so our lunch date was canceled-- what better way to ease that blow than to head to our other favorite spot!

We finally got in to see Rapunzel-- the line was only half hour long!!!

It was totally worth it! Her little room was darling-- just like in the movie.

Libi had a lovely time chatting with Rapunzel... showing her the Crocs with Pascal on them and asking her why she wanted to see the lanterns.

They both have a sassy pose...

when I joined them we all lost a little of our sass :(

Next Libi asked for a ride on Storybookland again.

It was a gorgeous day, the weather was great, and the crowds were light.

We rode Small World...

and met up with the princesses.

After a visit to Belle

and Tiana we hit the road again to meet up with Jammy in Norco.

It was a crazy drive with awful traffic. Happily Libi slept much of the way and I rocked out to my music.

We grabbed Jammy and Barbara from their hotel and went to dinner at Lonestar. It was a fun little steak place where the wait staff line dances during your meal.

After dinner we hung out with Jammy in her room for a bit. Boy was Granpa surprised when Libi called him on Jammy's cell phone.

These two were very happy to spend some time with each other.

There was lots of silliness...

and then the cameras came out!

Jammy was taking pictures...

Libi was taking pictures...

and I took some too. Our visit was over too soon, but I'm glad we went down. An hour and a half drive home and I was toast!!! That was a ton of driving for one day.

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