Friday, February 4, 2011

Continuing the Tradition...

Today Libs and I went to Disneyland for a bit. In the fondest tradition of my childhood-- my mom and I went to the park often for lunch, a show, and maybe a ride or two. Today our main focus was to check out the next Family Fun day celebrating Lunar New Year.

Libi wore her headband from school yesterday and she was quite the talk of the town.

Lots of characters were dressed in their Chinese finery.

Dale and Libi had a lovely chat where she told him everything she knew about Chinese New Year.

As a special treat-- we got to see Mushu!!!

He and Mulan were so gracious to chat with us for a bit!

They had lots of neat performers doing traditional dances and martial arts.

Every 45 minutes they did a special Lunar New Year Celebration with dancers, Mulan and Mushu.

They asked kids from the audience to participate and Miss Libs was picked!

She got to be one of two parasol twirlers.

She took her job quite seriously!

Hold it up....

and twirl!!!

Back up...

and march in the parade!

She had a blast!

When their time was over...

she didn't want to get off the stage. She had to be walked back by a cast member-- otherwise she would have stayed up for the whole show!

There were lots of cool sets...

for us to take some cute photos.

We couldn't leave before seeing Mickey and Minnie.

Libi was also kind enough...

to have me hop into a photo of her and Minnie! She thinks of everything!

One quick hello to Mickey and we were off.

Libi showed off the Disney interpretation of the Lunar calendar.

What year are you?

I am in Kaa's year...

Ron is in Thumper and Libi is the Practical Pig.

Our only ride of the day was...

Storybook Land. Libi hasn't been on it since she was an infant.

She and I loved it-- since we hadn't been in quite a while!
Here's to keeping the tradition of Mommy/Daughter trips to the Park!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Gotta love making those mommy/daughter Disney memories!