Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

This morning I was in charge of Kinder Chapel at church. Never having done it before I was a little nervous... rightfully so!!!! The actual chapel portion (which I just observed) was madness! Teens not listening with iPods in their ears, little kids watching the teens and behaving equally as bad, and loud Christian music blaring with kids screaming into microphones. After 20 minutes of this I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and then it was my turn to teach! We had 10 K and 1st grade kids plus two older girls who were "supervising" their little sister/friend. These older gals had the worst attitude-- so much so that I pulled them aside and instructed them to get an attitude adjustment or go back with their group (I told you I was beside myself!) After the older girls came around and the kids were fed things went better. I read the Bible story and we had an interesting discussion about what God looks like-- who knew that five year olds could be so deep? My activity was a story about love which included stuffed animals giving lots of kisses. In the end it was fun, but I'm thankful that I only have to do this once a month!

After a thirty minute nap in the car we arrived at the Limon's house for a Super Bowl party!

Libs first stop was the trampoline! She didn't even get off to open her Birthday gift from Bridget.

The day was full of amazing food, family and friends...

not to mention Connect 4!

Libi and Bridget watched (and sang along with) the half-time show on Caitlyn's bean bag. Poor Cameron was trying to sleep on his-- until the girls started to climb on him.

Ron and I took our traditional self-portrait.

Grampy attempted to teach the girls how to play Connect 4.

Some of the cheering was too much for Libi.

When she stole Uncle Jose's chair-- he took it back :)

The game was good and exhausting!

In the end the Packers won!

There was much celebrating-- as most of the family was pulling for them!

Way to go Packers-- it was a great game!!!

We have been letting Libi use my camera more. The following photos are all taken by Libs at the party:

Not too shabby!!!

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