Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night

Tonight was Oscar Night.

We invited the Ippolito's over for dinner and a little Oscar watching.

It was also our last supper with Tobee. She has stopped eating and just isn't herself. Ron and I made the very tough decision to take her to the vet tomorrow so she can rest in peace.

In honor of the Oscars, Libi did her own little show where she interviewed every member of the family. She asked them questions about their life, handed them the microphone, waited for their answer, and promptly pushed them off her stage.

Everyone was a little melancholy about Miss Toots. She is truly a part of our family and this decision broke our heart!

Libi was happily oblivious to what was going on. For her it was a fun-filled night with Grampy giving her horsey rides and pizza for dinner.

Cris made and decorated a lovely cake for dessert!

I've been taking a ton of Tobee photos lately. She has always been well photographed, but the past two weeks we've really focused on getting some nice shots of our girl.

At moments she has spunk-- like here where she decided it would be fun to borrow in Libi's mound of dress up clothes. I will miss her mischievous ways :)

A dear friend of mine who recently lost a beloved pet suggested that we do a paw cast and get a lock of Tobee's hair. I will be forever thankful that we did these things-- thanks so much Claudine :)

As you can see in this photo taken late Sunday night-- she just isn't her happy self. We never wanted her to suffer, we simply wanted more time to say goodbye to our girl. I am so glad that we brought her home for a bit and I am dreading taking her back to the vet.

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