Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two adventures...

Today Ron and Libi went south while I went west. Libi did have a little time to play before we left and it seems as though the princesses were performing on stage :-)

Ron took Libi to watch one of his students compete in the county spelling bee. The winner from all of Rio Norte was one of his 7th grade girls! He was very proud and wanted to support her.

Ed Asner was the MC-- this isn't the best photo but he is sitting in the middle of the table. Sadly she was knocked out on her first word (a word that Ron didn't even know, by the way.)

Then they went to the tux shop to rent a tuxedo for CADA. While they were there Libi had a mishap on a chair where she went over the back and ate some carpet. This is the photo that Ron sent to me via phone while I was off at the Vestry retreat. That's not going to look good tomorrow!

This is the way I spent my Saturday-- behind the computer taking notes on the Vestry Retreat.

No, I'm not on the Vestry... but they wanted to meet with the Search Committee to make sure we are all on the same page.

It was hard to stay focused when this was the view out the window-- I would have much rather been walking around on the beach.

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