Friday, February 18, 2011

The spotlight please...

This morning we had a visit from Hailey and Auntie Janice, in preparation for the visit Libi grabbed her microphone from her room.

Libi promptly showed Hailey Tobee's band-aid and told her that she was sick.

Then the two girls got busy playing with every toy in the house.

They also turned Tobee's bed (also known as the mattress from Libi's crib) into a trampoline.

There were times of rest, times of lots of energy, and a few moments of misunderstanding, but they seemed to enjoy one another.

We are looking forward to seeing lots more of Hailey in the coming weeks for more play-dates!

After all that playing it was time for a quick lunch and then a much-needed nap for the entire family!

After dinner Libi requested that she have a talent show like she saw at Daddy's school.

The first act was very similar to the hula hoop girl...

only Libi had to use a light up flower since we don't have a hula hoop like hers.

Then it was on to singing...

and dancing to Thriller,

Amazing, Marry Me, Forget You, and lots of other Glee songs!

Props were used...

some martial arts,

and umbrellas like she used for the Chinese New Year celebration at Disneyland.

The final of the night was a very serious performance of "Part of Your World."

Everything was great until Ron and I started to sing along, then our little diva (who was very tired) stormed out of the performance area. I guess Ron and I were not welcomed to join in on this song.

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