Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The joys of being 4...

This morning when I dropped Libi off at school she instantly was drawn to this play station.

It made me laugh because Ron worked at McDonald's in high school at the rear drive through window.

When I told Libs this-- her jaw dropped and her eyes got SUPER large! You see, my daughter LOVES "Mic'n Donalds" and she asks for it any time that we are going out to dinner. To hear that her Daddy once worked there only elevated him in her eyes.

When I got back to school for pick-up it was too cold for the kids to go out, so I had to improvise a few photos on the walk to the car.

After the work party this weekend cleared away a bunch of the weeds we found some gorgeous flowers in the SCLP yard today.

Libi had to pose with them...

Yes, I know her outfit looks a little strange, but when you are 4 it looks cute, not psychotic :)

After nap Libs spent a bunch of time with her Calico Critters. I love that she can spend hours with these little critters and their many tiny accessories creating adventures.

As I was getting ready for crop night tonight, I came upon another play scene. Today the prince and the princess were apparently having a dinner party-- even the dog got fed :)

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