Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prayers needed....

It is rare for us to be in three different places, but this morning that's what happened. I went to church to witness Rev. Susan's first service as an ordained priest. She did an amazing job and her sermon was super inspiring! Libi was still with Grammy and Grampy enjoying her sleep over. Ron went with Tobee to the vet.

Our poor Tobee hasn't been feeling well for a few weeks. Lately she has been crying non-stop, licking her tummy and backside until she's drenched, and just not being her normal spunky self. Ron drove all over town trying to find a vet who was opened and he finally settled at the Santa Clarita Animal Hospital. The vet was very nice, but poor Toots was so frightened that she had to be sedated for an exam.

While they did x-rays and an ultra sound Ron and I met up at Wendy's for lunch.

Tobee is our first baby, so it is very difficult for us to see her in pain. They found that she has a growth on her spleen which is causing her to have blood in her stomach. Later in the week they will perform an operation to remove her spleen and hopefully that will be that. If the growth is cancerous we are hopeful that they will be able to remove it all and we will get to spend many more happy years with Tobee. If it is cancerous and it has spread the doctor fears that we won't have a lot of time with her. We really need your prayers!

Tobee loved the drive home-- mostly she loved being far away from the vet's office. She poked her little head out the window while I cried the whole way home. Ron is taking it even harder than I am, so please say some prayers for him too.

In the evening Libi and I completed assembling her Valentine's...

and she decorated Tobee princess with a tiara.

I really love how these turned out! They are stuffed with Play-doh, a slinky, a sticker, and a bouncy ball. Hopefully the kids will like them!

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