Friday, February 11, 2011

Is this week over yet?

Today was all about getting Libi's Valentine cards in hand.

I found this darling printable from a company called Celebration Shoppe. They actually gave them away free on their blog-- and to my delight one of the designs was an owl :)

Libi diligently signed all 18 cards...

and I spiffed them up a bit with some paper I had lying around. (They were cute enough to not need anything extra, but the bags I bought were simply too large and they looked funny.)

While I was hard at work-- so was Libs.

She apparently had a spa with all her dolls. They were all lounging around having things delivered to them. Nice!

Poor Ron-- he was so exhausted, but the altar guild at church really needed his steaming expertise.

He took the linens from this....

to this! Nice job babe!!! You now have a permanent job on the guild :)

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