Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I was lucky enough to get to volunteer in Libi's Hootin' Owl classroom. Miss Caroline found the perfect shirt for the day!

Libi wore a darling outfit of Gymboree tights, sweater, skirt and headband coupled with a Disneyland shirt. She also borrowed one of Mommy's many Valentine's Day pins to wear on her sweater.

Here are some of Libi's dearest friends at school. I love how my daughter is the only one not looking at the camera-- she's so well-trained :)

Libi got to hold the flag and choose the patriotic song today. Big surprise--she chose "Red, White and Blue" as her song!

They did a really fun warm-up this morning that had the kids (and Moms) jumping like frogs, moving in slow motion, and....

various acts of silliness!

They ended morning circle with "Friends"-- quite possibly my favorite song for little people to sing!

While this isn't a photo of Libi, I simply love seeing how much these kids sincerely care for one another! All day long I witnessed hugs, kisses, hand holding, and genuine concern for their fellow classmates. We are so lucky to have our daughter learning in such an environment!

The kids handed out their cards...

the bags were hung...

and then it was time for snack!!!

While Kimber and I cleaned up...

the kids sang "Skinnamarink-a-dink-a-dink" to thank us for helping out. It was adorable!!!

Our Valentine gifts were small this year, but still given with much love!

Libi was so excited to see Disneyland (her Build-a-Bear) decked out in Ariel attire. Boy am I going to have fun dressing this thing up for all future holidays and events! Sorry Ronald :)

The Hallmark commercials worked on Libs. She saw this bug on TV and insisted that she get one! This will also be fun to move around and fill with little gifts of encouragement for Lou.

Ron really loved his Mickey Bruin shirt and I also loved my Top Chef DVD and two rolls of Scotch tape. When I asked Libi why the tape she said, "It was purple and you always use tape!" OK then!

Another big hit was the "Everything Pink Book" which it looks like Tobee would like to borrow when Libi is done with it!

We hope you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones! We wish you much love and happiness today and always!

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