Saturday, July 3, 2010

Separate ways...

This morning Ron headed down to Santa Barbara with Jack.

I watched them drive out of the parking lot and I went back to the ranch! This is the longest stretch that we are apart-- a full 7 days-- but at least we can Skype and talk on the phone.

We had a quiet morning at home, but after nap we went to see Jammy's friends.

Michelina loves Miss Libs-- especially when she says cute things to her like, "We are both wearing skirts."

Libi intercepted the sing-a-long and made it her own little dance-a-long.

Ona Mae was very happy to see Libs too! She's still my favorite!

Not only is Libs good for entertainment, but she also can be put to work.

As a compromise for not swimming today we blew bubbles.

We got some new bubbles and some new bubble wands which were really grand!

Jammy got some great photos of Libs...

and all the fun she had on the front patio.

Another consolation for not swimming was an extra long tubby!

Jammy and Granpa have really fun tubby toys.

I'm happy to report that Libs still has extra long eye lashes!

We are having lots of fun in Stockton!

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