Friday, July 2, 2010

This place is a zoo...

This morning we made our way over to Micke Grove Zoo.

The lorikeets are back this summer and we were all very excited to see them. (There's that darn middle finger again!)

Ron was the first to feed them and BOY were they hungry!!!

They are such gorgeous birds!

Ron at one point had over ten of them on his body... quite the Pied Piper of Lorikeets!

When it was Libi's turn things didn't go so well. I handed her the cup, took one step back to get a picture and when the birds landed she freaked out!!! I love this action shot of her screaming and dropping her nectar on the floor.

After this photo was taken Libi spent the rest of our time in the lorikeet tent attached to my leg.

Hobbling around the tent I was able to get some good shots of the birds.

Ron gave me my nectar and took a few photos-- you can see Libi stuck on my leg!

I had a few on my head-- one that was particularly fond of my scrunchy.

I had one on each shoulder, two on my head, and three on my arm-- love those lorikeets!

Libi's wing span is growing every time we visit the zoo.

When we got to the tortoises Libi named all of them-- you can see their names on the photo above.

Micke's grove isn't too big and it doesn't change-- we have about a dozen pictures on this tortoise.

The lighting today was especially good so I was able to get some nice shots of Liliana.

This light makes her look so angelic.... which she was today at the zoo.

In the moat around the lemurs there are turtles and a frog or two.

There are also geckos which love to sit on the glass.

The snow leopard was out-- and look at those teeth!!!

Even though it's not a wild animal--we did see some darling ducklings!

In the afternoon Ron went with Dad to the Men's Group at the community. They had fun drinking beer and eating popcorn with the boys.

It's Friday night so that means burgers at Bob's on the Marina. Libi sat at the counter with the staff watching Guy cook. She felt like such a big shot sitting there with the teenagers.

Libi had a hot dog there for the first time-- she appeared to enjoy it!

After dinner it was the traditional walk on the pier...

today there were lots of boats ready to celebrate the 4th! Hopefully we will be back to see Guy again soon!

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