Saturday, July 17, 2010

A very relaxing day at home...

In honor of Disneyland's 55th birthday we made Disney pancakes this morning. Sadly we did not go to the park today-- but I'm sure it was crowded and HOT!

Libi and I stayed in our PJ's until after lunch! When we finally did get dressed she proceeded to further decorate herself with ribbons.

She also decided to decorate Tobee...

and then steal the camera to take pictures of her!

Tobee was remarkably good natured about the the whole thing!

She also used the camera to take some photos of me...

and one terrifically close self portrait!

There has been much playing with the dress-up princesses as of late. We now almost have the whole set (we are only missing Aurora and Jasmine) and Tinkerbell joined the ranks yesterday. They are having lots of adventures lately and today one of them was renamed Rachel-- not sure where that name came from?

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