Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spending the night at Aunt Andrea's

After a super-long nap today I drove Libi in to Aunt Andrea's house for a sleep-over.

Both Aunts were very happy to spend some time with their niece.

The following photos were taken by Violet and Andrea-- there were over 100 of them :) I must be rubbing off on them.

Libs loves all the animals that they have... the cats,

and Gizmo!

They went out to the duck pond where Libi took Gizmo for a walk...

and she got to feed the ducks...

and the geese!

Such a fun day with two of her favorite people.

After dinner they did some jewelry making.

Libi made a gorgeous necklace and bracelet set.

There was time for a story before bed and today Libi did the reading.

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