Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something old, something new, and my camera's broken too!!!

This morning we returned to music class with Miss Moira. We haven't been since December and in the most recent class e-mail they used two photos of Libi to advertise the classes-- I took that as a sign that we needed to go.

Libs was mega excited to be back in a class.

We did lots of tried and true music class things like the lollipop drums (still a fav in our home!)

The theme today was kitchen/food. During the song "I want candy"...

Libi helped Miss Moira throw a fit. I'm not sure how she got so good at it :)

This was during story time and the main reason I included this photo is because it is the last one my SLR ever took. Right after this picture I got an error message and my camera simply died.

One moment of silence please for my beloved camera.....

What does a girl do once her camera dies????

She reaches into her purse for camera #2 and goes on shooting :)

The art project was really fun today-- fruit and vegetable painting. It was really striking to me just how much Libi has grown since we first began music classes. Today she did the art project entirely on her own, was very methodical, and DID NOT want to get paint on her!

While I'm sad at times that my baby girl is growing up, it's moments like this when the rest of the moms are covered in paint and many of the kids are trying to eat the carrots covered in paint that I am thankful for the stage we are in!

After some quick clean up for us (and decontamination for others) it was back to more classic music class activities: instrument exploration,

and scarf time.

During their play time Libi enjoyed washing dishes (perhaps we could use this skill at home!)

Lou was born to cook--- she loved this set of things to cut.

She actually has pretty good form with a knife-- I guess all that Top Chef and Food Network is paying off.

When we got into the car this was the temperature... .YIKES!!!

This afternoon Daddy came home!!!

Libi wasted no time in including him in her playtime fun!

The entire family had a fun night including dinner, playtime, and some chicken dancing!!

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