Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oak Grove Park...

There is a park in Stockton that I've wanted to go to since my parents moved here 5 years ago called Oak Grove.

Libi and I decided that today was the day to go!

There are tons and tons of geese there!

We were able to get really close to them-- which was Libi's favorite event of the day.

Our excitement accidentally caused several of the geese to retreat to the water.

Once the geese excitement wore off we noticed that there was a playground too...

so off we ran!

Pushing the geese along with us!

Libi is so much braver on playground equipment now-- it makes me a little sad!

She used to need me there to watch her or catch her, but now she just goes on her own.

There is lots of water in the park and we noticed a darling bridge so we had to head over for some pictures.

Libi didn't want to pose, but I kind of like this picture :)

The park was a sea of feathers and goose poop-- I had to photograph one of those things.

I have decided that I love weepy trees. I just want to sit under them and read all day long!

I also love it when Libi picks wildflowers for me :)

Libi picked up a lot of feathers and several sticks. We left the park with one stick and one maple leaf (Mom is a really good negotiator!)

The first park was a bit too sunny so we drove to the other side of the property to a shadier park.

There were a few little boys playing there-- this one in particular loved Libi! He chased her everywhere and did everything she did.

Once they left (and I retreated to a bench) Libi got to go into her imaginary world.

This photo collage shows that Libi likes order. She wanted all three reels to have the same animal on them, then she did the same thing two more times.

Libi was quite chatty during her time up on the slide. She makes up amazing stories and can keep herself busy for hours!

Here you can kind of see her chatting away with herself!

While Libi played I heard a peck, peck, peck. I looked up and saw my first ever, real-life woodpecker!

Oak Grove park is full of oaks-- go figure??

Near the exit to the park we noticed some really pretty geese with some ugly teenage geese.

It was a fun day for both of us! Now back to the house to make dinner!

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Dolly said...

looks like fun!! Love the shadow picture!!