Saturday, July 31, 2010

Star Wars...

Libi was so happy to have the whole family back together...

she couldn't contain that big grin!!!

She was also super excited about our backyard movie tonight!

It was Star Wars Episode 4!!!

Libi and Daddy perfected their light saber battles....

and I tried to do Libi's hair like Princess Leia.

I'm happy to report that it wasn't only cute, but it stayed in until the movie was over.... I have more hair dressing skills than I thought :)

The Strassner's came and brought Lib her own light saber...

she was beyond thrilled!!! Especially since it matched Ben's!!! Earlier today I heard her calling one of her prince dolls "Ben"-- I think she might have a little crush on him!!!

It was a small turn-out for the movie, but we had lots of fun!!

Poor Emma, her light saber was from the dark side-- I told her I liked the red ones better.

Libi was prepared to fight along with Luke and Han.

She and Zofia enjoyed most of the movie like this, very sweet!

When I took her hair out it looked gorgeous!!!

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