Sunday, August 1, 2010

A quiet day

Another day spent mostly in our pajamas-- thank goodness for lots of summer days doing nothing!!!

Libi has been loving on her little dress up dolls-- just two more and we have the whole set!

Here you can see some of the thousands of small parts we take out and put away several times a day!!!

Libi took this photo of Ron-- notice that he is taking good care of her baby doll!

Date: August 1, 2010

Outside my window: Crickets chirping in the cool night air

I am wearing: Date night clothes—Black pants, white tank, and spotted black shirt

I am going: To bed really soon (It’s already 11:31 p.m.)

I am hoping: That the week goes well—Ron and I are working registration two days.

I am creating: Actually I’m assembling Libi’s first year scrapbook.

I am hearing: Design Star

I am watching: Design Star, just finished Next Food Network Star—my kind of reality TV

I am loving: That it is still summer and Ron is still around the house so much

On my mind: We aren’t doing MOPS or Pioneer Club this year, but we have lots of other things to fill the void

Pondering these words: “It wasn’t my idea.”

From the kitchen: Perhaps chocolate chip cookies tomorrow

Around the house: Stuff everywhere: toys, Ron’s CADA stuff, photos I’m scanning.

One of my favorite things: Good friends who do stuff with our family.

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