Saturday, August 14, 2010

A lot of romance!

This morning we got dressed up in a fancy princess-like outfit and headed down to...

the Glendale Centre Theatre.

One of my former MOPS pals organized a trip to see Beauty and the Beast there.

We were joined by Cousin Bridget,

Uncle Hugo, Aunt Ann-Marie, Grammy and Grampy.

This theater is all about giving the kids the best theater experience they can have to foster a love of it later in life. The glow things they sell for scene changes certainly helped our girls enjoy their experience more!

The show is fun: an hour long with a 15 minute intermission, lots of singing and funny characters--- perfect for the preschool and early elementary set!

During intermission there was chatting,


and picture taking...

before the lights went out....

so we can see the happy ending!

After the show the kids got to meet the characters and get autographs!

Our first stop was Beauty and the Beast,

next was the Gaston-like character,

and lastly was Belle's father (I love how Libi is holding her dress just like a Disney princess!)

For lunch we headed next door to Porto's bakery! Our appetizer consisted of the best potato balls stuffed with meat I've ever had. Oh my goodness, just stop what you are doing and go order some :)

It was a busy weekend afternoon there so it was a bit of a wait for food...

The girls didn't mind, they had tons of fun together!

Dessert was cookies. They look good don't they?? You must go try it, but please bring me back something :)

After nap we began the set up for the 3rd annual Rio Welcome Back movie night.

Happily the Strassner's were able to join us as well!

Libi had to show Ben some of her light saber skills...

Daddy egged her on by putting the Phantom Mennace song on the speakers.

While it was a small group (only two teachers showed) there were lots of kids, which thrilled Libi no end!

Our film for the evening was Princess Bride, which many folks had never seen before. Libi enjoyed her first time seeing it as well and is now requesting it often in between Star Wars movies!

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