Monday, August 9, 2010

Daddy's Retreat

WARNING: A super photo heavy post!

This morning we all rose early to get the to train station ahead of Ron's 50 retreat participants.

At the SCV station there is a cool fountain which Libi showed to every chaperone. Here she is with Uncle Nick looking at the mosaic fish on the bottom.

The theme for the year is Ohana (I love the Lilo and Stitch theme idea and had nothing to do with it!)

The kids all wore blue yearbook shirts in the ohana theme which looked darling and made it easy to find them!

We ended up having breakfast on the train. Ron took this picture mid-chew--- thanks hon!!!

In Burbank we grabbed Andrea and Violet and made our way to Union Station.

Crossing the streets with 50 folks is a challenge!

It was such fun for us to see Ron in action!

I was thankful for the extra two sets of hands!

The first of many group shots I was able to capture with my shiny new camera!!!!

Libi, true to zoo form, picked up lots of leaves, pods and sticks along the way.

As much trouble as we can be, I think Ron likes having us on his outings!

We still couldn't get in the gazebo, so Libi and Andrea danced in the street!

The kids dutifully took photos of every neat thing they passed. This made it very difficult for us all to stay together as a group!!!

I really want to go back and explore this little Japanese garden nestled in between buildings.

The kids each had their two quarters for the Angel's flight ride...

then half of us piled in.

Once at the top we did another group photo...

and Libi danced to entertain the tired chaperones.

This is one of my favorite photos of the day-- a highly saturated look at one of the train cars.

Next it was down to the subway to head out to Long Beach.

The hour long ride on the train was very full so Ron and I never got seats-- this made the ride feel much longer!

At the Long Beach Aquarium we stopped for a box lunch...

and were attacked by birds.

Golly I love my new camera!!!! The aquarium is always the ultimate test for me and my camera and I got some really lovely shots!

This is the huge, several story tank...

we stood here for quite a while just watching the fish swim by.

This was just really good timing-- with Libs and the eel.

Jellyfish are just fascinating to watch!

This reminds me of a Sea World commercial-- the child seeing the wonders of a seal in motion.

Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet took Libs to feed the lorakeets again...

while Ron and I took a break!

We didn't see everything in the aquarium, but we spent lots of time letting Libi get her oogies out.

The playground in the middle of the place was perfect for her today.

She ran, climbed, and got a little wet-- all in the name of fun!

Libi is an expert at shark petting! She can show you the exact form to use so the sharks don't get hurt.

Next she and Daddy pet the rays.

She is super brave, that one!

I love her pose here-- steadying herself on Daddy.

This is my second favorite shot of the day-- a nice close up of a fish.

Libs finally crashed after the aquarium. Thank goodness!!!

Third group shot of the day.

Our final stop of the day was Olvera Street for dinner.

Jenny helped Libi find something fun to purchase...

Daddy acquiesced and ponied up the dough for a new fan.

Once it was in her hands...

she began her own little fan dance.

With my camera I took photos of some of the details you can only see here: lots of marionettes,

leather shoes,

cute purses (I think Libi needs one of these),

and lots of guitars!

On the way to the train I notices the shadows on Union Station looked so cool. Once home I turned it black and white.

It was an exhausting but fun day. A huge thanks goes to the Aunts for helping me out!!!

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