Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Libi's back to school

What a difference a year makes!!! Last year at this time Libs was still wearing diapers, she was only scribbling, and her vocabulary was small. Today she is quite the little girl!

For her first day of school she wore a darling green and purple dress from Jammy and Granpa.

We did our mandatory photo in front of the school sign and then it was off to see the teachers.

Miss Carole was happy to see Libi and receive her gift.

I love this photo-- Miss Caroline is comforting lots of crying kids while my daughter is like, "Mom you can leave now, I'm fine!" I'm happy she's so confident, I don't know if I could leave her in tears!

Miss Caroline has known our family for a long time-- she and Andrea were in high school together-- so it is very special to have her as Libi's teacher.

Madison was happy to see Libi-- the two of them are good friends this year!

We still love Miss Tasha and I'm glad she'll be able to keep an eye on Libs!

Before I even got a hug Libs was on the rug doing blocks-- she loves her school and feels totally comfortable there!

I spent my first free day at the hospital visiting Nana. She was feeling under the weather for the past few days, but we are hoping she will be on her feet again soon.

Libs was happy to see me after school,

but after a quick hug it was back to playing!

Today I began a new "First Day of School" tradition-- a stop at Baskin Robbins on the way home.

Perhaps it was the temperature that inspired this, but now it will have to be a tradition!

Libi was so excited to show the clerk her owl sticker and to talk to me about her day.

She chose cherry and I had Jamoca almond fudge. Yum!

It was fun to sit and listen to her talk about her day.

Love my big girl!!!

Even if she's a total silly-willy!!!

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dolly said...

WOW!!! what a difference a year does make!!! She's a big girl now!!! Happy New School Year Libi!