Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trying to keep cool....

Summer is finally here in the good old SCV. Temperatures have been over 100 all week!

I've been dressing Libi in super cool outfits for school.

Again today it was too warm to play outside so they let us come inside during story-time (which is super against the normal rules!)

They are learning about safety this week..

the first lesson (and the most important) was about washing your hands. Libi loves the song that they teach for the duration of rubbing and scrubbing your hands. Again, if you ask her I bet she will sing it for you :)

Mommy is still convalescing from her cold so Daddy had to be Libi's playmate this evening.

These two are so silly together!

Again Libs entertained herself while Ron worked and I was slowly dripping and coughing away.

She has recently gotten back into her large dolls-- taking care of them like they were her own children.

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