Monday, August 23, 2010

Another day with friends...

This morning Libi was forced to play on her own while I was down with my cold.

She is so good at playing on her own-- I love that about her!

She did do her part to help make me feel better by dancing for me...

decorating the furniture....

and taking my picture. Yes there is photographic evidence of my dying with a cold, but I love you all too much to post the photo here :)

Libs also created her own form of hopscotch today jumping from princess to princess.

We got the sad call this morning that Howard's mother had passed so we volunteered to go grab the kids from Mint again.

Today Libs got to go with me! She loved waving to all of the kids as they walked by.

She is super fond of Ben. She spent the entire time we were waiting for Emma trying to hold Ben's hand or putting her head on his shoulder. Poor Ben was super uncomfortable by this, but he was kind enough not to slug her.

We loaded into the car to escape the heat and headed back to the house.

After Emma finished her homework we all settled down to watch Lilo and Stitch-- gotta love Ohana!!!

We love the Strassner's and are so sorry for their loss.

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