Friday, August 13, 2010

Daddy's back at work

Yesterday was Ron's first day with kids. Part of my cooking plan was to send Ron with lunch every day (we have to save as much as we can before WDW in January!)

This morning I noticed that he forgot his lunch so Libs and I headed across town to take it to him.

She was in heaven because she not only got a new necklace, but she got to meet some of his new 7th graders. After she introduced herself she began a lecture on the rides and parks at Walt Disney World-- that's my girl!!!

In the evening I was lucky enough to get a night out with the girls!! Amy, Dolly, Karen, Marina and I began the night at Chili's and finished up at the Hubbard's house. It was especially fun for me since Brian (Marina's husband) was in high school with Ron and I! It was a much needed therapy session with some of my favorite people!

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