Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!!!

Today was a sad day. Not only was it the funeral for Howard's mother (which was beautiful!) but....

our air conditioner died!!!! We had a repair man over in the morning and he got it working but by the time Libi and I made it back from the reception for the Strassner's it was completely dead.

By the time Ron got home it was 90 degrees downstairs and a volcano upstairs. My head was aching and I was on my last nerve due to this blasted cold still hanging on, so my hubby took pity on me and took me to Claim Jumper for dinner.

We actually went to ChiChi's first but their air conditioning wasn't working and I couldn't take being hot for one more second!

Libs was in charge of the beeper while we waited. Doesn't she look cute in her little black dress? It was perfect for the reception, but cute enough to still make her look like a little girl.

Today Libi amazed us again...

she is really trying to color within the lines. I know that I'm just a proud Mama, but I think it's pretty remarkable!!

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