Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our family is growing....

No, not that way!!! Today Granpa came and spent some time with us before he headed back up north.

He and Libs had fun chatting and reading books together.

In the afternoon I got to experience what it will be like to have an elementary school student when I went to Mint to pick up the Strassner kids.

We had a snack before Emma had to start her homework. The snacks consisting of goldfish, granola bars and graham crackers (something different for each kid) received three thumbs up.

Ben and Libi got to play while Miss Emma was in the other room doing her homework packet. They seemed to get along pretty well until Libi wasn't going along with Ben's ideas. After a brief talking to, Miss Libs seemed to get back in line.

When Emma finished her work it was time for a movie. The vote was unanimous for Harry Potter.

Libi didn't sit through the entire thing, leaving at one point to go do her princess dress up.

Emma kept getting up during the movie and writing character names on Libi's white board. Very cute!

For dinner we had pizza, garlic bread, oranges, and salad for Ben.

The bunnies also enjoyed dinner at the Ippolito house and the kids enjoyed watching them.

When dinner and the movie was done the kids moved on to dress up time.

Ben was a knight on his steed and the girls were princess sisters.

I love their imagination and how well they all play together!

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