Saturday, August 28, 2010

On the mend...

Libi and I are both on the mend! This cold has just hung on forever causing us to go through thousands of tissues this week!

This fine (20 degree cooler) Saturday was spent doing the following:

Dog-sitting Sheba, Shaunna's dog

Dancing and playing with toys

Creating Libi's share album for the year

Hanging out with Amy and the kids. Amy and I did some scrapbooking while the kids played. How nice it was for us to get together and just relax!

Ron and Libs worked on the mazes from Libi's preschool book.

I think she's doing pretty well holding her pencil.

Shonna pointed out that Libi has a lot of toys-- well that is an understatement!!! Tonight she took nearly every stuffed toy out of her toy box to play with them.

My saving grace this week has been showing Libi videos from when she was a baby. She and I have spent a great deal of time oohing and aahing over baby Libi.

Tonight Daddy got in on the act and due to his superior technological skills we were able to watch the videos super-sized on our TV. We all enjoyed seeing our little family grow!

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