Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old and new friends...

This morning we headed back to SCLP to show Libs her new cubby and classroom space.

She also got to do some morning stretches with her new teacher Miss Caroline!

It was also a special day with a concert by Wacky Wendee.

Libs is a lover of all music...

especially when she's encouraged to dance!

All the kids had a great time...

especially when Wendee got silly!

My favorite song was the Big 2 Ton Hippopotamus!

At one point Libs decided that Wendee needed help on the "stage".

The final song had them looking like fishies-- Libi is great at this face!

One final group photo and then we were off to run some errands.

Libs is now too big to sit in the seat of the shopping cart. I have had to move her into the basket so she's not "helping" me by grabbing everything off the shelves.

Mommy is on a mission to cook more at home...

but I put Daddy in charge of dessert tonight.

He and Libs made tasty rice crispie treats (even if they were purple from the patriotic marshmallows they used.)

While Ron was putting Libs to bed I heard a commotion on the side of the house. Tobee was barking and scratching and throwing a fit. When I went outside with the flashlight I found this:

a new friend! Just as long as he doesn't come into the house, he is welcome to stay.

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