Saturday, August 7, 2010

A visit with the Limons.

Today we had another first--- our first visit to the Crazy Otto's in Lancaster.

Libi was so excited to see the Limon family!!

We love family days-- especially with all of the crazy Limon's.

Nearly everyone was able to make it to spend some time with Arthur and Mara!

Sadly Hugo, Ann-Marie, Bridget and Jordan had other plans-- but the rest of the gang was out in force.

There was lots of stimulating conversation...

and lots of laughter!

The food was large and tasty!!

The hot topic of the morning was iPhones... even Libi got in on the action

Jose is such a crack up and I can't believe that Logan is getting so big!

After a breakfast that lasted several hours we headed outside to take some pictures.

I got a few cute ones, but it's such a challenge to get the whole gang looking at once.

We got a waiter to come out and take a group shot with me in it... and he did a great job!

We did a cousins shot-- even though we were minus a few cousins. We will have to try this again at the wedding in a few weeks!

The funny pictures are my favorite! Andrea looks like she's going to eat Christina!!

Uncle Jose made a deal with Libi about a sleep over in the near future...

she was super excited about it!

I looked over while I was chatting with the family and found Logan and Libs just sitting on the step hanging out. It was so sweet! I have no clue what they were talking about, but it was fun to watch them.

We need more family days like this!

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