Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to work...

As a SAHM I'm blessed to say that I only work at a 9-5 job two days a year-- these are those two days!!! Every year since Ron began at Rio Norte I've worked a register at summer check in. I get such a rush from having thousands of dollars pass through my fingers-- especially when I count it all down at the end of the day. This year our team was Patty, Wendy and myself-- the rock stars of Rio!

Lately I've also been obsessed with globes-- I'm hoping to do a study room for Libi in a map theme! The teacher whose room we used had this cool globe lamp. Anybody want to make me one?

Grammy watched Libs during the day and didn't take any photos-- so I took a few during tubby time.

Ron had to run off to school so I was on bedtime duty. When Libi and I got to her sink she pointed to the glob of pink toothpaste and said, "You didn't clean this!" I was not amused!!! I don't know how it's my job to clean it when I hadn't put her to bed in many days and I wasn't even in the house all day. After taking a deep breath and deciding against telling her what was really on my mind, I told her that she could clean it up. Snap!

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