Monday, August 2, 2010

Another summer adventure with the Strassners

Today we joined the Strassner's for a day at the zoo.

Despite their age differences, the kids still have a good time together!

Today our one mission was to see the Komodo Dragon (Ben's choice!)

We saw not one, but two of them!!! Mission accomplished!

There were lots of active animals today. The gorillas were close to the glass which makes this really fun photo possible!

The kids were all drawn to the telescopes...

and they tried to see through each and every one of them, regardless of the fact that we didn't put any money in to them.

The funniest thing today was watching them play "Gorilla Feet." They made up a song and rules and had a blast running through the zoo doing their game.

2 Ibex + 2 kids = One fun photo :)

The lion was awake today-- a rare thing to see.

We also saw the rhino moving around and eating today, so we had to take a group photo.

The kids were dragging as we headed back to the entrance, but they did perk up at the condor exhibit.

Emma and Ben showed their wingspan and Libi pretended to be an egg. Too funny!!!

Emma requested several photo ops-- a girl after my own heart!! This one was of the kids growling like dinosaurs with the dino statue.

I was planning on ending my post there, but as I was typing it Libi did the most amazing thing!

She drew Ron!!!!

Head, hair, body, arms, fingers (lots of fingers), and legs-- all on her own no prompting from us. Ron and I just stared at her while she did it in total amazement!!!! WOW!!!!

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